Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Through all the years and all the changes I have remained true to my core belief: if you listen to your customers, give them what they want and provide outstanding customer service, customer service, customer service they will be loyal customers.

All of the products I bring into the store have to meet three criteria: they have to be fun, functional and affordable. Of course affordable is different for everyone, so I make sure we have a large variety of products in all price ranges, from $1 to $500. I never want someone to say they couldn’t afford anything in our stores.

I love what I do and I hear every day that it shows. Here we are over 37 years later and I am as excited, if not MORE excited, about what the day will bring as I was my first day I opened. My biggest job is to keep my customers excited about coming in. We are not a high tourist area where our customer base changes weekly – we depend on our local residents as our cus- tomer base and we have to constantly give them a reason to come in. To do that, I am always looking for and bringing in new merchandise. Some people consider me a risk-taker because there isn’t anything I won’t try if I think our customers are going to love it. This mindset is what has changed my business from being a specialty store selling only wicker, to a “unique boutique department store”. We have the store set up in several departments, each arranged as a small boutique store inside of one large department store.

I’m old fashioned in many of my practices. I still like to look through catalogs in my hand, not online. I like to talk to someone when I place my orders not just click some buttons on a computer and I like to meet my customers face to face not have them shop on an online store. However, I do realize we live in a very fast paced hi-tech time and we have to once again change with the times. I believe in marketing my business in a variety of ways. Through TV, radio, newspaper, online banners and of course through this informative website, Facebook and Instagram.

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